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Ear Defenders Professional 2002 are a high quality hearing protection equipment, developed for especially noisy environments. Double cups ensure the lowest possible resonance of noise and attenuation of the high frequency noise.

With regular usage, the ear defenders prevent damage to hearing organs due to excessive noise. The Ear Defenders Professional 2002 themselves and the overhead band are designed to fit any shape of head and ears. Wide and soft pads ensure good attenuation of noise even if you wear glasses. They are covered with a special foil that feels pleasant to the skin and is warm even at lower temperatures. The Ear Defenders Professional model 2002 are available in various colours. The first choice on constructions sites in traffic, on airports and at other workplaces with a high risk of hearing damage. The Ear Defenders Professional 2002 are made entirely in Slovenia.

  • Rated noise attenuation: 20 dB
  • Central pushing force: 16 N
  • Weight: 215 g
  • Noise level zones:
    – high/middle: 85–96 dB (A)
    – low: 85–91 dB (A)
  • Temperature range for use (–20 °C to +50 °C)


CSI Certification

CSI is a multipurpose Certification and Behavioral Analysis Center operating in the field of company services in an international context, with a wide offer diversified in terms of technology and sectors.

Founded in the early ’60s, CSI is a subsidiary of IMQ Group (Italian Institute for the Quality Mark), and this enables to create unique synergies within the Italian and international system: every client receives a comprehensive service that gives its products the passport to the world markets.

The CE marking is applied on the products or on the packaging, is accompanied by the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and the manufacturer is legally engaged to supply the market with a product complying with the requirements according to the specific harmonized standards; the essential requirements provided by the European Commission are the same in all the EU Countries and then  the product may freely circulate all over the European Union market.


We produce quality safety equipment with EU certificates. We offer fast delivery and accept small orders. 

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